Why Self-Growth Is So Satisfying

Joy Eseyin
3 min readJan 23, 2022


If someone told you “hey, I don’t like the way your nose is placed on your face” What are you going to do? Take your nose off or put it beneath your lips? Definitely not.

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The journey to self-love is tough yet beautiful, healing from the excruciating pain of low self-esteem is wholesome.

It is beautiful because at that moment you are filled with so much positivity and love.

The moment you start to accept how amazing and beautiful you are, how contented you are with your WHOLE self. You start to observe how deep you love yourself and how overwhelming it is.

No one can say to you, “hey, you look ugly” and you sit for hours questioning why your mirror lied to you before you left the house. You remember how you looked pretty while you dressed up so why is someone or anyone telling you that you should have used a different lipstick or that your face seems to have added weight. All that doesn’t bother you anymore because, TO YOU, you look pretty today and even though it might not be your best look, you still looked pretty.

You are beautiful!

Nothing beats the feeling of acceptance you get knowing that as depressing and fucked up as life is, you can still be happy. You choose to be happy.

Self-love is about happiness, it is about satisfaction and acceptance. Once you get to that level of acceptance that you are who you are, you are comfortable in your own skin, no one can say a thing to you that will affect how beautiful you see yourself.

The journey to loving yourself might be a tough one but the end is always worth it, you start to fully accept and be satisfied with you who are and how you are, life is going to feel much safer and happier, and that is the best feeling ever.

My Journey to Self-Love

Photo by Huha Inc. on Unsplash

If someone told you “hey, I don’t like the way your nose is placed on your face” What are you going to do? Take your nose off or put it beneath your lips? Definitely not.

Personally, this is how I got better. I spent years listening to people tell me I was too skinny for their eyes and I should eat more, some told me they didn’t like the way I talk, walk, eat or even laugh. How tiny my ass was for a girl. It was body-shaming from all sides. It broke me for years until I had a conversation with myself… “How long do I have to please everyone and act the way they wanted me to act? It is exhausting. Why should I change who I am for people that care less about my mental health and how their words affect me? Do I really love myself? Am I okay with my body appearance? What am I going to do about it if I was not okay with it? Tear my body apart?”Hell NO! When I found an answer to all these questions and put them into action, I felt so much better. I began to grow and I realized how much I let people talk me down and how much I love myself. It was the first day of my growth and I have felt beautiful everyday since then.


There is no one that is going to love your body as much as you.

You were not born to satisfy someone’s weird desires on how they think you should look, anyone that keeps telling you you should look a certain way or change a thing about your physical appearance is weird and doesn’t deserve to sit at your friendship table.

You are beautiful. Let this be a daily confirmation to yourself.

You are contented with the way your body looks and you will only change a thing because YOU want to. For your own contentment.



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