My Bolt Chronicles…(Part 5)

Joy Eseyin
2 min readMay 7, 2022


“Ahhh Tosin wait… make sure you call me when you’re ready okay?”

Photo taken by me🧍🏾‍♀️

“Today feels like a good day, I’m ready to take in whatever conversation any Bolt driver brings to me” me to myself this beautiful morning😫

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that because why is this man teaching me how to drive a manual car all of a sudden?

For some reason, he asked why I can’t drive yet and I told him I’m not ready to drive for now… I never said I can’t drive😫

Pretty sure that is what he heard because now I’m having a driving lesson…on the road.

The distance between my house and where I’m headed should be at least 30mins so why am I spending an hour on the road?

Now he is driving really slowly and telling me why a manual car is better than an automatic… interesting.

“See driving a manual car is not hard at all. I taught my wife’s younger brother how to drive within 3 days and the following week, he drove to Kaduna himself” he said to me.

Now that feels dangerous on all levels but I dare not say that to him else I’m going to hear another lecture on why men are better drivers than women😭

“Look at that sign, that is how you know the temperature of your car. See the other sign, when it goes off, you know something is wrong, there is a lot of difference between a manual and an automatic car”

Wait… do I need to write this down? This feels like an important lecture that might require tests and exams.

“Tosin, are you listening? I can teach you how to drive Manual, it is very easy… Wait, my wife is calling me” He went ahead to pick up the call while I got excited that I can finally see my destination in front.

Without caring if he was still on the call or not I told him…

“I’ll stop here. Thank you, I’ll try to learn how to drive the manual car.”

“Ahhh Tosin wait… make sure you call me when you’re ready okay?”

I smiled at him and walked away.

Rating him 4 stars because although he wasted my time, the driving lesson was fun. Now I’m less excited to learn how to drive a manual car.

Hello and welcome. Thank you for reading. This is the fifth part of my bolt chronicles.

How did it come about? I ride bolt at most everyday to go about my business in the city of Abuja and I’ve encountered different type of bolt drivers. I thought it will be fun if i write about them and how I felt why listening to their stories and hilarious tales.

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