Let’s Talk Blood Sisters(Netflix Review)

Why must there be blood in all the movies Ramsey Nouah acts in?

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Pretty sure at this point everyone has watched the series “Blood sisters” if you haven’t, there’s not much I can do about these spoilers I’m about to drop. I apologize in advance.

I’m giving it a 9/10 because I was glued to my tv all through the four episodes and the only time I had to pick up my phone was when the suspense was getting heated up.

Let’s dive in

I loved the storyline because it touched on so many aspects. From domestic abuse to child trauma to addiction to self-defense to corruption and to broken homes.

From the directing to the acting and, the storyline, they did so well.

To the casts

Nancy Isime as Kemi: Get you a bestfried like Kemi! But truth be told, Kemi was exhibiting the characteristics of a ritualist😂 killing someone was not enough, she had to chop off his head, bury his body and kill the photographer. God abeg😫That asides, cheers to her for standing with her friend till the end because, without her, I’m not sure Sarah would have left that marriage. Her zeal and will to survive are what kept them out of jail and alive. I still think they could have come clean after killing him but his family wouldn’t have let them live so I guess they had no choice.

Ini Idima Okojie as Sarah: Pretty sure she annoyed everyone but then there is always that one person in the friend group who is always sluggish and annoying. She has a fighting spirit but without the help of her friend, it would have just been a sleeping spirit.

Deyemi as Kola: He deserved that gruesome death!!

Kate Henshaw as Madam Uduak: The Cersei Lannister of Nollywood. She was born wicked. She is the definition of a horrible mother, that is why all her children turned out the way they did. That aside, I loved Kate Henshaw for delivering this character so well. The way she talked, walked, and acted… It was phenomenal.

Genoveva as Timeyin: Another actress that did justice to her character. I loved how she played the character of an addict and was still the only sensible child in the family. By far my favorite character.

Kehinde Bankole and Gabriel Afolayan as The “woto-woto” couple: As they call them on Twitter… those ones didn’t know anything more than sex. Once their scene comes you just know they’re about to have sex. May God help them😫

Uche Jumbo as Sarah’s mother: Never knew a day would come when I would watch Uche Jumbo act a mother’s part in Nollywood…lol. She played the role of most Nigerian mothers when you tell them your soon-to-be husband slapped you days before your wedding. I watched her say those hurtful words to her daughter and it hurts because that is our reality in Africa. Most parents will tell you to go into an abusive marriage rather than leave and disgrace their household. Tragic.

Wale Ojo as Detective Chicago: Loved his accent so much and loved the fact that they made reference to his character coming from Chicago PD back to the Nigerian Police force. It was not like he borrowed the accent from the backyard.

Ramsey Nouah as Uncle B: Why must there be blood in all the movies Ramsey Nouah acts in?😭 He said so little in the series but let his body do the acting. That is what you call a good actor. It was also nice to see him branch into a different role.

Maurice Sam as Blade: Someone called him a Sharpener on Twitter and for once I agree. How can they send you to kill someone and you stand staring at the person eye to eye? What is wrong with you? He was there breathing like he had an asthma attack😭 no wonder he died so easily.

There were indeed so many potholes and answers we need but for a drama like this in Nollywood? It was great.

There was so much criticism on Twitter last week but I’m just going to say that, sometimes it is nice to watch a drama and just enjoy it without trying to look for potholes because it was made in Nigeria by Nigerians.

There are a lot of potholes in most of the American and Spanish series we watch and if we can overlook them then we can also overlook these ones.

Anyways, I know there’s going to be a season 2. It is Mo Abudu… she loves shooting a second season😂

Cheers to Nollywood. This is growth and i cant wait for us to take over the movie industry worldwide.

P.S This is a sign to plead with you that if you are in any kind of abusive relationship/marriage, please leave. It is never too late to leave. Leave for yourself and for your life. You deserve better.



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